Growth by referral

Trust - creating an environment in which business owners and directors can learn about each other.

Relationships - learning about each other will naturally over time lead to strong relationships being forged as trust grows between members.

Business - once trust has been established and relationships grow, we will do business with each other and refer each other to other trusted partners and clients.

Knowledge - as we share our expertise and knowledge with each other, we will grow in confidence to refer to others outside the group.

Profits - as our relationships develop we will want to help each other to thrive and grow.

Health - we will help each other to remain healthy in business and personally, as not all help means money changes hands, sometimes help means something else.

Not for Profit - this group is a not-for-profit organisation where any surplus will be re-invested into the group to support members in a multitude of ways.

Honest - we will be honest with each other, even when the truth is difficult to hear as, in the end, being upfront and clear leads to a healthier business environment.

Reliable - we will deliver what we say we can deliver as set out in a clear contract (in whatever form that takes) and for the price which is mutually agreed.

Education - we will happily share the ups and downs of business with each other, supporting each other’s knowledge of best practice and ethical behaviour.

Ideas - we will embrace ideas and creativity from any member of the group and explore these fairly and fully.

Contacts - we will respect each others’ contacts and treat them with honesty and integrity, regardless of whether business ensues.

Communication - we will keep on talking and meeting with each other to understand our business journeys, developments and challenges.

Visitors - we will embrace visitors in a friendly and encouraging environment and be clear with them about the financial and time commitment involved in becoming a member.

There are many different types of Business Referral Groups in Swindon, offering a variety of opportunities at different times of the day. How do you know which one is right for you? Well you don’t, you’ve just got to try them out and see which one you feel you have a good rapport with, have the same values as and that will provide the right level of support and growth for your business.
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